Recumbent Bikes


Exercise bikes have long been considered one of the best ways to increase cardiovascular fitness while being kind to your joints. Of the three types of exercise bikes, recumbent bikes are known for being ergonomic and easy on the lower back. This is due to the positioning of the seat in-line with the pedals, promoting good spinal posture. The recumbent bike's larger seat provides added comfort and stability, allowing you to simultaneously lift weights with your upper body if you so choose.

But make no mistake, this is no lay-back-and-relax experience. The recumbent bike suits all fitness levels, from those nursing injuries or just getting back into the gym, to seasoned athletes looking for an intense indoor ride. The bikes contain a variety of programs to fit people of all fitness levels. We are proud to provide the highest quality recumbent bikes to Sydney and beyond, for all budgets and fitness needs.